• Rebecca was completely wonderful, and really helped our whole family. Very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. Very positive vibes even when delivering difficult messages. Comprehensive explanations to all our questions. Would highly recommend. (Laura 2020)
  • Rebecca was instrumental in helping me increase my energy and eat intuitively and healthfully to support and maintain my health throughout my journey of living with chronic lung disease. Her compassion, enthusiasm and belief in me were huge motivators in integrating these changes in my daily life. She also helped me recognize insights and make connections that were truly life-changing. Her solution-focused approach also helped me see results quickly, and that was huge in maintaining motivation and helping me feel better overall in a short period of time. When working with health professionals, it is important for me to feel that I can trust them and that they truly care about me and see me as a person and not just another patient or client. Rebecca has always made me feel that she truly cared. I loved her person-centered and collaborative approach. Our work together helped me feel empowered and intentional in the choices I was making to support my health. (Carla 2019)
  • Rebecca is a gifted communicator, and is highly enthusiasticabout nutrition. I have downloaded her app, and her recipes areamazing. I highly recommend reading her blog, and working withher directly for all nutritional needs. (Jason 2014)
  • Rebecca Subbiah is a very empathetic and compassionate person, which are very important characteristics as healthcare professional. As a dietitian she has a holistic approach, she will dedicate to you, to know you, to understand you, and she will work with you to find the best plan that fit your needs. She is knowledgeable and always striving for excellence, continuosly learning the most updated information in her field and sharing it with her clients. I will highly recommend her. (Mariela 2019)
  • Rebecca Subbiah has a well rounded wholistic approach to wellness and nutrition. She is down to earth and easy to talk to. I have found her to be a wealth of information for healthy eating and living. I would definitely recommend her! (James 2019)