Rebecca Subbiah became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in 2001 in Scotland. She is

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca has been a registered dietitian for 18 years, graduating in Scotland in 2001, She has worked in a variety of clinical areas, always having a passion for one on one counseling and truly connecting with folks listening to their stories about life, food and health. Rebecca has volunteered as a master gardener and set up school gardens has run a small farm with a focus on edible flowers. She loves travel, global cuisine, cooking, being with her two children and husband exploring and enjoying nature. Her love of nature and being present in the moment, cooking and embracing different cultures brings mindfulness and helps to notice the little things. Helping you build confidence in your cooking skills and gardening also to have self compassion your lifestyle won’t be perfect. But by looking at the big picture and partnering with you on your journey it will be fun, tasty and nourishing, you will learn to trust yourself around food, know your value and the need to care for yourself and seek out new adventures.